白宫公告称:没有医保的移民正在把医疗成本转嫁给美国纳税人,并让美国医疗体系背负重担。 特朗普政府当地时间周五颁布公告称,政府正计划拒绝那些无法在美国支付医疗保险或医疗费用的移民的签证申请,新规定将于11月3日生效 。 In a late-night proclamation signed by President Trump, the White House said the government will only accept immigrant visa petitions made abroad if the applicants demonstrate that they will he the ability to secure health insurance within a month of their arrival in the U.S. If that"s not possible, then petitioners would need to prove they he the financial resources to pay "reasonably foreseeable medical costs" — a standard not defined in the order. 在特朗普深夜签署的公告中,白宫表示,政府将只接受那些,来自国外的移民签证申请者中,能证明他们有能力在抵达美国一个月内支付医疗保险的申请者的申请。如果无法证明,申请者需要证明他们有财力支付“合理可预见的医疗费用”——该公告没有定义这一(财力)标准。 The order claims U.S. hospitals and health care providers are not being reimbursed for treating those who are uninsured. "The costs associated with this care are passed on to the American people in the form of higher taxes, higher premiums, and higher fees for medical services," the proclamation reads. 该公告称,美国的医院和医疗服务提供者不会因为治疗那些没有医保的人而得到补偿。公告称:“与医疗保健相关的费用将以更高的税收、更高的保费和更高的医疗服务费的形式转嫁给美国人民。” According to the order, the new requirement will not apply to people who already hold immigrant visas, asylum seekers, refugees, children of U.S. citizens living overseas or holders of special visas for Iraqi and Afghan nationals who helped U.S. forces in those countries. 根据这项命令,新规将不适用于已经持有移民签证的人、寻求庇护者、难民、居住在海外的美国公民的子女,以及在伊拉克和阿富汗帮助过美国军队的、持有特殊签证的伊拉克和阿富汗公民。 ▲ U.S. chipmakers quietly lobby to ease Huawei ban (via CBS News) 此外,这项新规还将影响到美国公民的配偶和父母。 It would apply to the spouses and parents of US citizens. That could he an impact on families who are trying to bring their parents to the US. 这项新规将适用于美国公民的配偶和父母。这可能会对那些试图把父母带到美国的家庭产生影响。 The Trump administration is trying to move away from a family-based immigration system and into a merit-based system, and Friday’s proclamation is another effort to limit immigrant access to public programs. 特朗普政府正试图从以家庭为基础的移民体系转向以移民资质为基础的体系。这项公告是限制移民加入公共计划的又一项举措。 ▲US immigrants will be denied entry if they can"t afford health care(via The Guardian) 对此,奥巴马执政时期的前白宫官员认为,这届政府宣称的,移民正在消耗纳税人的资源是一个错误的观念。而其他移民专家表示,新规定是特朗普政府发起的全面改革美国合法移民体系 的最新尝试。 "This administration is just fixated on the erroneous notion that immigrants are zapping taxpayer resources," Doug Rand, a former White House official under President Obama, told CBS News. "So, they are kind of looking under every rock they possible can for any way to exclude people who aren"t wealthy." “这届政府只是对一个错误的观念相当执拗,那就是移民正在消耗纳税人的资源,”前总统奥巴马手下的前白宫官员道格兰德告诉哥伦比亚广播公司新闻频道。“所以,他们尽可能地检查每一个人,想办法把不富裕的人排除在外。” Rand, who co-founded Boundless Immigration after leing the Obama administration, called the change "very sweeping" in nature, saying it would apply to many of the approximately half a million people who typically apply to immigrate to the U.S. every year. 兰德在离开奥巴马政府后与人共同创办了“无限移民”公司。他说,这一变化在性质上“影响非常广泛”。每年大约50万申请移民美国的人中,许多人将会受到影响。 Other immigration experts said the new requirement represents the latest effort in a larger campaign by the administration to overhaul the nation"s legal immigration system. 其他移民专家表示,新规定是特朗普政府发起的全面改革美国合法移民体系的最新尝试。 "The administration is on-the-record wanting to cut legal immigration, and particularly wanting to cut legal immigration of lower-skilled, lower-paid immigrants who are probably less likely to he health insurance coverage," said Randy Capps, director of U.S. programs research at the nonpartisan think tank the Migration Policy Institute. 无党派智库“移民政策研究所”美国项目研究部主任兰迪卡普斯说道:“政府公开表示希望削减合法移民,特别是希望削减不太可能支付医疗保险的低技能、低收入者的合法移民。” ▲ U.S. chipmakers quietly lobby to ease Huawei ban (via CBS News) 新规在网上引发了激烈的争论,一些人指出,许多美国公民自己也负担不起医疗费用。 哦,拜托……数百万美国人没有医疗保险,也没有能力支付医保,因为特朗普和令人反感的保守党“拒绝”了他们。 特朗普计划驱逐付不起医保的美国人吗?只是替个朋友问问。 另一些人指出,此举可能会给保险公司带来意外之财,可能会刺激成千上万的移民购买短期“垃圾”保险,以遵守新规。 Trump"s new requirement that legal migrants he health insurance to get a visa is great news for private insurers selling wildly profitable "short-term" junk insurance plans -- "short-term" now means up to a year -- that don"t actually pay for health care. 特朗普的新规是,合法移民必须有医保才能获得签证,这对那些销售利润丰厚的“短期”垃圾保险计划的私营保险公司来说是个好消息。“短期”现在的意思是长达一年,这些保险公司实际上并不赔付医疗费用。 These "short-term" health "insurance" plans he a million loopholes, so they spend maybe about $0.10 of a dollar on actual care. Migrants will buy them because they"re cheap and easy to get, but be financially destroyed if they actually wind up sick. 这些“短期”“医保”计划有上百万个漏洞,所以他们在实际医疗上可能只花了0.1美元。移民们会买它们,因为它们便宜而且容易买到,但如果他们真的生病了,他们在经济上根本无法承受。 许多人也在社交媒体上为这一规定欢呼,尽管许多持支持态度的评论者提到了非法移民,不过显然他们误解了该新规所涵盖的范围。 Nobody should be coming to America just to get free stuff. Illegals should not get any benefits of any kind. They should not get help. And they should live in fear of being caught. Citizens, permanent residents and legal immigrants should he benefits not illegals. 没有人应该来美国只是为了得到免费的东西。非法移民不应该得到任何好处。他们不应该得到帮助。他们应该生活在被抓的恐惧中。公民、永久居民和合法移民应该享有福利,而不是非法移民。 This law doesn"t target illegals, it targets the poor coming through legal channels by denying their visas off of their financial situation. 这项法规并不针对非法移民,而是针对那些通过合法途径来美国的穷人,因为他们的经济状况而拒绝给他们签证。 你怎么看特朗普改革移民体系的新招?欢迎留言并分享观点! 整合:Du Qiongfang 资料:CBS News, The Guardian, Twitter 图/题图:whitehouse.gov, Getty Images, Twitter


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